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My name is Madeline Rocco and I am a Set Decorator for Film & Television.

I have always had a deep interest in film and its capability to capture stories. As I grew older and began to immerse myself further in film work, that interest expanded and rooted itself in the art department, where not only do we tell stories, but we create worlds. The art department gives its creators the ability to play and imagine, down to the smallest detail, a world with its own character and infrastructure to house the story being told.

My work in the art department has taken me on many different journeys and allowed me to paint the worlds of many stories. My design and decoration credits include feature films, short films, music videos, and commercials. My work has been released on Apple TV, Amazon Prime, Discovery+, Hulu, and Sony Music. I am an associate member of The Set Decorator's Society of America and an IATSE Local 52 property department member. 

I live in Brooklyn, NYC and work throughout the NY metropolitan area, as well as nationwide and internationally. I am always looking to create more spaces and tell more stories. Let's collaborate.

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